I view each project that comes into the studio as a unique opportunity to design amazing work. Every design element has an integrated purpose that is necessary to the overall desired, lasting marketing impression. DESIMONE DESIGN covers all stages of the design process from the collaborative client ‘discovery’ meeting, initial creative concept and vision, to a meticulously managed end product.


Advertising should create an emotional connection with conviction, creativity and communication. Your Advertisement should capture the reader’s attention and entice them to read your Ad.

Branding & Identity

A "brand" is the all encompassing term for everything you do to provide an identity for your company, while stimulating and connecting with your audience. The inception of your brand identity starts with a dynamic logo that captures the essence of who you are at a glance and leaves an indelible impression.


Collateral design/sales tools are essential to driving your brand on a daily basis. Vital tools that ultimately communicate in the field when you're sales team's not around, they're often the inception of establishing relationships with your audience.

Website & Online Marketing

A successful website is one that represents your brand, demands your audience's attention and captivates their eye to discover more about your company. To successfully achieve this, your content must be visually inspiring and be easily accessible.


A product has 1/32 of a second to make an impact at the shelf in a consumers mind. Making it easier for consumers to differentiate your product in the aisle is the simple goal: the only goal.


Commanding the immediate interest of thousands of attendees and potential decision makers as they pass by the deluge of competing vendor booths is paramount to your success and investment at the show.

Retouching & Illustration

DeSimone Design is meticulous when it comes to photo retouching and technical Illustrations. The littlest details make all the difference.

Project Management

Working closely with the client enables me to provide them with exactly what is required. Managing the project meticulously means the end product results in happy clients.